Room Introduction

The closest view suite to the Jiufen Old Street, The HappyLand View Homestay

Jiufen Panorama Ocean View suite

Lying next to the window, the whole ocean view of Jiufen comes into sight, you can feel the happiness of being free as you see the deep blue sea combines with the sky at the horizon.

Online Reservation

Room Price

RoomRoom ViewNumber of PersonWeekdayHolidayNew YearExtra Bed
201 Happy OceanJiufen Panorama Ocean View2-person(1 double bed)$3,100$3,400$4,080Add 2 person max
202 Perfect OceanJiufen Panorama Ocean View4-person(2 double beds)$4,400$4,800$5,760Cannot add extra bed/ person
301 First Love OceanJiufen Panorama Ocean View2-person(1 double bed)$3,100$3,400$4,080Add 1 person max
302 Lucky OceanJiufen Panorama Ocean View2-person(2 single beds)$3,400$3,700$4,440Add 2 person max
203 Blissful OceanKeelung Mountain View2-person(1 double bed)$2,500$2,800$3,360Cannot add extra bed/ person

Remittance Information

  • Bank
  • Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Yanping Branch)
  • Swift Code
  • 006
  • Account Name
  • Lin, Dong-Can
  • Account Number
  • 0040-765-443-298

Definition of weekday and holiday

  • Weekday
  • Monday to Thursday
  • Holiday
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, The Day before public holiday, consecutive holidays and the day before
  • New Year
  • 20% service charge will be added on Chinese New Year's Eve to 4th

Accommodation Reservation

  1. Please try to use online booking first, or call +886-928-511349 or +886-2-24063399
  2. Phone reservation hours: 8:00 to 22:00
  3. Please pay 50% as deposit within 3 days after reservation is confirmed, and please call or text the last five digits of the your bank account when transfer is done, the owner will keep your room once payment is confirmed.
  4. Lodging time is 15:00 to 11:00 next day.(Guests with packaged tour is excluded to this limit).NT$350 will be charged for every hour of delay.
  5. Parking are only available after 15:00, parking can be arranged if needed, please pay first.
  6. Parking time is from 15:00 to 11:00 next day.


  1. The above room rates for weekday and holiday include breakfast and parking.
  2. Extra bed requires a charge of NT$700 per person, including breakfast, quilt, and toiletries, NT$1,000 during Chinese New Year.
  3. Pets are not allowed here. Thanks for your cooperation.
  4. All of our rooms are suites, including bathroom, air conditioning & heating, television (including cable TV), hairdryer, and bath towels.Mineral water, small cotton towels, shampoo, shower gel, female hair care sets, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste are supplied.
  5. The first floor is open to visitors here. Free water, coffee, and tea are available.Please help yourselves and keep the environment clean.

Cancellation & Refund Information

Cancellation6 Days Prior3 Days Prior2 Days PriorIn 2 Days
Percentage of Deposit Refund95%80%50%0%
P.S.Unless typhoon or disaster news is officially announced on the day.
※ Please make a reservation after accepting the above conditions.